Puzzle-Solving Overview
(If the explanation below isn't quite as detailed as you'd like, or if you just want to have a full step-by-step explanation to print out, you may now download the 5-page section from our book with the complete instructions FREE!  Simply click here to go to the download page.)

Sample 1  

This is a sample pixel puzzle in two colors.  The blank 10x10 grid is where you'll be coloring boxes based on the color-coded clues above and next to the puzzle.

The easiest place to start on this particular puzzle might be with the yellow number 10 to the left of row five.  This tells you that there is a 10-block section of yellow in that row.  And since there are only 10 blocks in the row, that means color them ALL in with yellow.

There is a much more detailed step-by-step explanation in the book that will give you all the basics of solving multi-colored pixel puzzles, and how to use X's when you're sure a box will not be colored in at all.

Want to see what this will become when you're finished?

Sample 2  
This sample is a little trickier to get started since you don't have a large number clue telling you to fill in most or all of a row or column.  You must use the color placement itself to give you clues.

For example, you can see that there are very small areas of yellow, and some of the rows or columns have ONLY yellow or ONLY green in them.  Based on this information, it's fairly easy to decide where green or yellow CANNOT go.  Put an X in any box that will definitely not be filled in with a color.

Want to see what this will become when you're finished?