Custom-Made Name Puzzles

First name only - $5 (no shipping)
First and last names - $8 (no shipping)

Your PrisMonix puzzle will be a single name or word, or two names or words that you choose.  You will choose a font and specify two or three colors as indicated below each font name.  Please list the main color first and the shading color second for the first three fonts.  For "Crazy", list your three colors in the order you want them to appear in your puzzle; e.g., E - dark pink, J - bright blue, B - gold as seen in the sample below.

Once your order has been placed and payment received through PayPal, we will begin the design process.  This will take from one to three weeks, depending on the volume of orders.  Once the puzzle is completed and tested twice for accuracy, you will receive two separate PDF's by email:  one will be the unsolved puzzle and the other will be the answer key.  So It is important to make sure you give us an email address that can accept attachments.

Additional note:  Although the puzzles are copyrighted, you are purchasing the rights to print as many copies of your puzzle as you want for your own personal use.

See the sample font types and available colors below to make your choice, then click here to order
Block Letters
2 colors
Cursive Letters
2 colors

Puffy Letters
2 colors

Crazy Letters
3 colors

Color Choices
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