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"The Game of Boundless Rage and Rollicking Fun!"

Have you ever been cut off in traffic? Has a neighbor’s trash blown into your yard? Have you been told that your dress DOES make you look fat? Now, with this high-energy party game, you can earn points by letting off steam with friends and family. After picking a card, you and your teammates will rant about it to the other teams while they try to guess the topic and score points. Exceptional ranting and superior guessing are the keys to winning Rant! Sound simple? But wait… you’ll need to make sure you don’t use specific key words during your ranting frenzy. It becomes more challenging to rave about those idiot drivers when you can’t use the words "drive" and "car". For even more spontaneous fun, try to complain using the limitations on one of six Rant Tactics cards, such as Rantomime, where you must express your irritation without using words. Ranting has never been so much fun!


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The Original Book of

For a unique variation on the traditional sudoku puzzle, try out our newest logic puzzle book!

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Big Fly Games on Wired!!

Wired Magazine's online blog called Decode now has an interview of Big Fly Games owner Ann Mosconi, along with a sample puzzle from our first book and its solution.

Read the interview here!


Our new Black & White PrismaPixels are now appearing in newsletters across the country!!

Now available on our order form:  buy combinations of our books for a discount.  Add colored pencils to your order for no additional shipping.

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You asked - we listened
Our fans have been clamoring for a book of even bigger and more complex pixel puzzles than in the first two books!

MEGA PrismaPixels
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Over 50 full-color, original PrismaPixels puzzles, including some larger and more challenging than in the previous two books.
We attended Mind Games 2012 in Herndon VA, and the top five Mensa Select Seal winners were:
Coerceo by Coerceo Company
Iota by Iota

Mine Shift by MindWare
Snake Oil by Snake Oil, LLC
Tetris Link by G. S. Schwartz & Co.


NOW AVAILABLE - How to solve a PrismaPixels puzzle in Spanish and Italian!

APROVECHA AHORA!! - Como resolver un PrismaPixels en español!
Toque aquí / Click here

Come risolvere un PrismaPixels puzzle in Italiano!
Tocco qui / Click here


Pocket PrismaPixels; Colored Pixel Puzzles is now available for purchase.

This book contains over 50 all-new pixel puzzles, including one each of three brand new (created by us) types of pixel puzzle.  Colors range from two to seven per puzzle.  Solve puzzles with pictures from nature, holidays, landmarks, people, and more, along with complete instructions, tips, and samples.

PrismaPixels; Colored Pixel Puzzles
This book is appropriate for ages 10 to 100!!

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Would you like to know more details about pixel puzzles and the book itself?
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